ITSM Advisor With highly skilled and trusted partners, we offer various ITSM and Digital Employee Experience advising and facilitation; or see our full Training Catalog.

We know that no two companies are exactly the same. Therefore, we ensure that each one of engagements are tailored to our client’s specific requirements and built on our proven methodology. This enables us to provide consistently high-quality projects for less costs than a pure custom solution, while keeping in mind the uniqueness of each client. Below is a list of a few of our key services.

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Note: several of these assessments and improvement workshops take only 5 business days. 

From Process to Practice Assessment & Workshop

Evolving from existing ITIL 4 processes to contemporary practices can be daunting. Especially as traditional consulting firms are encouraging a far-reaching roadmap spanning months, if not years. There is an easier way. Leveraging best practice guidance, we lead your team to successfully and rapidly assess and improve your selected service management practices.
Download From Process to Practice Assessment & Workshop Details

ITSM Assessment & Roadmap

While the “Big 4” may charge a king’s ransom for an IT Service Management (ITSM) Assessment – if you can even get them to return your phone call – we can get it done more quickly and economically. This assessment benefits organizations of every size and industry. As an AXELOS Consulting Partner, we have the expertise and experience to provide an actionable, high-level roadmap for improvement. 
Download ITSM Rapid Assessment & Advisory Catalog

Rapid Assessments available are:

1. Rapid Assessment - Service Desk
Quickly evaluate your Service Desk’s effectiveness and perceived value throughout your organization. In one week, you can understand how strong your Service Desk is when supporting users and handling requests. Once completed, the assessment can show you how to apply ITIL 4 best practices to improve performance, quality of service and cost effectiveness.

2. Rapid Assessment - IT Asset Management
1-week assessment that identifies current challenges with managing IT Assets. Following our proven ADVICE© methodology, we identify current goals and objectives, conduct a current state review, and develop a set of recommendations that can be quickly implemented to improve IT Asset Management (ITAM) capabilities and financial management and reporting.

3. Rapid Assessment - ITIL 4 Readiness
1-week service that uses our proven ADVICE methodology to identify current gaps in your ITSM capability, processes, and documentation. With that information in hand, we know where to focus your improvement efforts in moving to ITIL 4. As a result, your implementation will show results more quickly as you focus on the areas of ITIL 4 that has the most value to you, while ensuring you will be successful and effective.

4. Application Rationalization
An Application Rationalization project can have an immediate and significant benefit to your bottom line. All too often environments are cluttered with applications that have little use and provide little value. But the applications continue to live, and we continue to pay for them because no one has the bandwidth to evaluate their organization’s current needs. Everyone keeps moving along, business as usual. But it's not business as usual right now. And with more people working from home, even more applications come into use. $10 a month here, $12 there, small amounts but they add up quickly. That’s not even considering unused licenses. The results of an Application Rationalization project can have other benefits besides cost. The evaluation can be the basis for establishing new application and infrastructure standards, as well as simplifying and streamlining the offerings to the business.

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From Process to Practice Assessment & Workshop ITSM Rapid Assessment & Advisory Catalog

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